• Bulloneria Emiliana S.r.l., founded in 1971, is a leading company in the market of nuts and bolts and screws and products for fastening metal in general.

    The company, created by the Dalpane spouses, grew in the 1980s, gaining a foothold in the national market, until opening one warehouse in Imola (BO) and another one in Osio Sopra (BG), gradually establishing a reputation as one of the most professional and reliable companies in the sector.

    The tradition is currently continued by the children, and particularly by Gian Marco Dalpane who, as General Manager and C.E.O., is currently in charge of the Company’s operations.
  • The range of products available in stock, the speed of processing orders, the quality of the materials sold and the reliability of service have always been Bulloneria Emiliana’s points of strength.

    A computerized system with constantly updated specialized programs allows for the perfect management of orders, stocks and decentralized warehouses.

    As confirmation of the above, on 22/12/97 Bulloneria Emiliana was among the first in Italy to obtain UNI EN ISO 9002 (now UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000) certification of its quality system, to the benefit of its clientele.

    The Modena site, the Company’s Headquarters, extends over an area of more than 4,000 sq.m., of which 2,500 sq.m. are covered.
    The site has more than 1,300 pallet spaces ad more than 4,000 storage hives, forklift trucks, pallet trucks and electronic scales and counting pieces.

    The Company is able to box or pack material in the quantities requested by the customer.
    It has a wide range of already coated materials in stock (white zincate Cr3, yellow zincate Cr3, burnished, black zincate, geomet and nickel).

    Thanks to a particularly efficient transport system, almost all the materials in the nuts and bolts and screws market can be delivered with times varying from 24 hours to 10 days.
    The Company has retail outlets for small companies or private customers.


    The Imola Site, situated in Via Molino Rosso 10/f, extends over an area of around 500 sq.m. and is located in a strategic position a few hundred meters from the motorway exit.

    The Imola Site is closely connected to the headquarters, from which practically every day it receives all the material requested through a shuttle transport system that links the site with Modena.

    A sales area network covering all of Romagna reaches clientele with wide-ranging needs: from bicycle manufacturers, to shipyards.

    The last of the warehouses to be opened, the Site in Osio Sopra, Bergamo, situated in Via Dei Gelsi 14, is just 2 km from the Dalmine motorway exit, in a highly industrialized area. The site of 600 sq.m. is highly functional.
    It is highly specialized in the sale of particular products such as DIN603 half round head screws up to M16 in diameter x 500 in length! It manages a wide range of products available in stock, receiving daily shipments from the Modena site through a direct transport system.
    A sales area network covers the provinces of Bergamo, Brescia and Cremona and part of the Milan hinterland. The potential business of the area, the local industrial sector and the organizational set-up make this warehouse particularly strategically important.
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